Where's Your Computer Mouse?

Have you ever considered the placement of your mouse on your desk? Where is it in relation to where you sit or stand? Close to you? Far from you? Tucked in front of you? Way off to one side? Each option has implications for your hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, and neck, and some options can really cause trouble. Here are a couple of recent examples from my clients.

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Why Try Awareness Through Movement® Classes?

If you’ve never tried an Awareness Through Movement (ATM®) class before, they can seem entirely mysterious and strange. Even many classes in, they can feel mysterious. What are these small gentle movements doing? Why do I feel so much taller, more grounded, more mobile, when it seems like I barely did anything for an hour? The answer is in the name - awareness.

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Migraines, Headaches, and Jaw Tension

If you’re reading this article, chances are you suffer from migraines and/or headaches. I bet you also clench your jaw a lot. Take a moment to check in with your mouth. If someone put a pressure meter between your teeth, what would it read? A few ounces? A pound? A lot more than one pound?

What part of your mouth is your tongue touching? How hard is it pressing? When you open your mouth, do you experience popping and clicking?

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