Migraines, Headaches, and Jaw Tension

If you’re reading this article, chances are you suffer from migraines and/or headaches. I bet you also clench your jaw a lot. Take a moment to check in with your mouth. If someone put a pressure meter between your teeth, what would it read? A few ounces? A pound? A lot more than one pound?

What part of your mouth is your tongue touching? How hard is it pressing? When you open your mouth, do you experience popping and clicking?

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A Story of Jaws and Panic Attacks

Today, a client brought up her panic attacks, which manifest physically as extreme tension through her upper chest, throat, and jaw. We started to do some work with her jaw, because the tension you carry in your jaw ripples down into your throat and upper chest, and a question came up. In response to asking her to gently open her mouth a little and hold it there, she asked, "Why is this so hard?!"

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Mini-Lesson: Eye Palming

If you ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, headache-y, overstimulated, panicky, generally too tired to function, can't fall asleep, or have just been staring at a screen for too long, this blog post is for you. Yes, YOU. We've all been there, and are all in need of useful tricks to bring ourselves back to the ground and reset. This one is my favorite.

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Who I Work With

Whenever someone asks me what I do for work, and we get into the conversation of "what is Feldenkrais?", I get asked what sorts of people or situations I work with. I try to explain that I work with a very wide variety of people, but it's not always clear just how wide that spectrum is. So, here are some examples. This is not a complete list.

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Q&A: Why does jaw tension make my neck hurt?

"Open your mouth a little, and continue doing the movement."

This is one of Mia Segal's mantras when teaching Awareness Through Movement. During a workshop she led in Seattle this past week, she explained that she asks her students to pay almost as much attention to their jaw as to their breathing, because they both hold a huge amount of control over how you move. 

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