Past Workshop Topics

Computer/Phone Comfort
Are you left feeling as though you're still hunched over your computer or phone when you're doing other activities? Learn how to unlearn those postural habits and regain the ability to feel upright and open without forcing it. We'll also look at ergonomics and what you could be doing differently while at a computer or on your phone to be more comfortable.

Tight Hips and Lower Backs
Most people think the only way to gain flexibility in hips and backs is through stretching. Discover a gentle, easy way to gain mobility and flexibility that involves small movements that help your muscles "learn" how to be flexible, and not just force them into a stretch.

Pelvic Floor for Dancers
The pelvic floor is a mysterious set of muscles that dancers hear about a lot and use a ton, but that can all happen without knowing much about it or knowing how to access it consciously. In this workshop, we'll clear up some of those mysteries, and become more aware of how the pelvic floor works and can help you become a stronger, more dynamic dancer. This workshop focuses on increasing balance, propulsion, and clarity of steps.

Self-Care Strategies
Exactly what the title says. You'll go home with Feldenkrais tricks you can use when you're stressed out - breathing techniques, ways to unhook your shoulders from your ears, and more.

Get to Know Your Feet
Learn about the common causes of foot pain and how to resolve them. You'll leave with a better understanding of why you specifically experience foot pain and what you can do differently to dance all night or all weekend comfortably.

"When you know what you're doing, you can do what you want." - Moshe Feldenkrais