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Can you imagine moving without pain?
Want to become more connected to your body and feel more balanced?
Do you wish your massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy sessions were more effective?

Using small, gentle movements in classes or private lessons, you and I can work together to find a pain-free, connected way of life that allows you to move with ease and comfort.

Contact me for a free consultation about your particular issues and how I can help you.

Rachel’s Feldenkrais sessions never cease to amaze me. I walk in with a nondescript pain that appeared out of nowhere and she sits me down, has a little chat with my bones and muscles and then poof! It’s a million times better or even gone all together! And the whole time my brain is like “these little movements couldn’t possibly fix this big horrible pain!” Yeah, well brain, you’re wrong cause you’re not a bone whisperer like Rachel.
— Maggie, business consultant
Deeply intuitive, Rachel spotted that I might benefit from a Feldenkrais lesson while I was teaching her dance class. I work as a dancer professionally, and have for over ten years. During our lesson, Rachel was incredibly generous with the information and treatment she provided. I had no experience with Feldenkrais up to that point, but Rachel’s work has really shifted my paradigm about the healing potential of the method. She seemed to know exactly what my body wanted and needed and, always with the highest standards of bodywork ethics, sought my consent to work together to great physical benefit on my part. I would highly recommend a session with Rachel, both for acute injury or for regular body maintenance.
— N.G., stepdance teacher and performer